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How is my property left after the sale?

All items are removed from the residence and the site is broom clean.  Real estate agents often request our services because we help prepare the house for sale.  Agents also like estate sales because the exposure the house gets from customers is free advertising and prepares the house for sale.


What happens to items that don’t sell?

Any remaining personal property is disposed of according to your wishes.  We can donate to a charity of your choice.  Some items may be able to be consigned through Dive Bomber Vintage in Rutherfordton, NC. They can be left in place for the client.  We can work to find a customer willing to purchase on liquidation.


Do you remove hazardous materials?

Vic and Spade will not dispose of rubbish if we think it might contain chemical, toxic, medical, radioactive or hazardous materials, i.e., paints, solvents, etc.  We also do not dispose of pressurized containers of any kind or anything we suspect to be related to an unlawful activity.

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