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What do I need to do before the sale?

What do I need to do or need to know before the consultation and assessment?

Before the consultation, we ask that you ascertain the larger sized items as well as the more valuable items.  These two factors enable us to be more accurate in evaluating the sale. We also ask that you sort the items you wish to keep and place in a secured area out of sight of our team and buyers so that it doesn’t inadvertently get sold.

Is there a minimum amount of personal property required for an estate sale?

A successful estate sale requires a certain amount of personal property.  A “house full” of original furnishings in each room is enough for an estate sale.  Anything less than a “house full” can be sold as consignment items or included in our occasional off-site multi-estate sale.

How long does it take to set up for a sale?

For effective advertising, it is suggested that we allow a 3-week lead-time.  However, the actual set-up usually lasts 1-7 days.  Estate sales take time, and are a lot of work. The process to get set-up and open can appear quite messy.

How much does it cost? 

We collect a percentage of total sales as our commission or fee between 30 and 40 percent. The percentage varies by individual needs of each sale and can be quoted at the time of consultation.  There are no upfront costs to the client.  Our commission covers all the costs of setting up and conducting a successful sale including all advertising and promotion.   We do provide other services if needed or desired for additional fees.

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