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How long are Sales?

We like to offer a variety of hours so that we can reach the biggest audience.  Sales begin on Friday night at 6pm and run until 9pm.  


Saturday from 9am to 5pm.  On Saturday night we offer a bid process.  The bid process is as follows: Example- If an item is $100 on Saturday and does not sell.  A customer can offer above 50% (the percentage off on Sunday) say $60 is the bid, very much like a silent auction.  They would win the item before it goes to 50% off on Sunday.  Winning Bids would have to pick up and pay for the item between 11-1 on Sunday morning or the item goes back out for sale on Sunday. 


Sunday from 1pm to 6pm.  We also recommend that Sundays are at a discounted rate of 50% to clear out excessive inventory.


Do you allow friends or dealers in early?

We do not allow any early entry and no items will be sold before the sale date unless specified.  We allow all buyers an equal chance for the most desirable items.  We open our doors at 6pm to everyone.  If we advertise an item for sale it must be in the sale when the doors open.

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