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How and when do I receive my money from the sale? And how will I know what sold and for how much?

You will receive your money 30/45 days after the sale by a business check.  After the sale you will be provided with an itemized list of sales over $10.


Do you have security?

We have someone keeping a watchful eye at all times.  We will not hesitate to call the police for theft or disruptive behavior.  We provide adequate staff to oversee a house during a sale.


Does the client, estate executor or personal representative need to be present?

Yes, a client, executor or personal representative may be present during the sale and/or preparation.  Please keep in mind though, that buyers feel more comfortable negotiating prices when the client is not on-site and/or participating in the sale process.  Sale days can be emotionally taxing on loved ones and family members, we understand this and ask that consideration be made as to not make buyers uncomfortable.

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