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#1 – Less Stress for You and Your Family

    Our professional and experienced team is here to help YOU, because you have enough to deal with without trying to figure out how to dispose of each individual item in your house.  By hiring an estate sale company to run a sale for you, you can eliminate that worry. Once you agree to terms with the company and you sign the contract then you hand over that stress to the estate sale company. 


#2 –Expertise in Valuing Items

    The value of your possessions changes over time.  A professional estate sale team will investigate the current scarcity and value of items. The knowledge an estate sale company has from years of experience will pay for itself.  But, let’s be honest, it’s impossible to know everything, so for those items we don’t know about, we have multiple resources to go to for answers.


#3 – Far-reaching Marketing Tools

    The best estate sale companies have several means of marketing your sale to reach the most amount of people and the right people. They will have a large database of buyers that can be tapped into and notified instantly once a sale is confirmed. Numerous ads are taken out on estate sale platforms that are frequented by millions every year. Marketing will be conducted on both a local and national level.  From local Facebook groups and Instagram pages to old school flyers and road signs on sale day – estate sale companies have you covered. It is the responsibility of the company to advertise as much as possible for you. Most sales will be posted with 100-300 photos so potential customers can get an idea of what kind of sale you will be having and which items they wish to purchase. The more interest generated the better the outcome of the sale will be.

    We not only market your sale, but we are branding ourselves. As our following grows, each sale helps the next. There is definitely a community of estate sale shoppers and they each have their favorite company sales to attend. Our goal is for customers to have positive experiences that keep them coming back time and time again. Buyers include dealers, collectors, retail vendors and everyday people and families who rely on estate sales for their needs and wants.  


#4 – Time is Money

    Most companies require between two and four weeks from start to finish. It takes many hours to set up an estate sale. Sales should be organized for shoppers because studies show people are more likely to buy in a pleasant environment as opposed to a messy and chaotic one. We are meticulous with our set up and staging. This all goes without mentioning that every single item in the house needs to be taken out of drawers, closets, cabinets and every little storage area in your home. But a professional company looks at this and smiles, wasting no time transforming everything room by room. We personally love taking the time to set up and display the contents of your home. It does take a special set of skills to get everything done in a proper and timely manner.


#5 – No Out-of-Pocket Expenses

    Companies offer many different pay structures. Some companies charge a flat rate set-up fee plus a percentage of total sales. Others charge just a percentage of total sales. Either way, most estate sale companies do not require any money from you upfront. After the conclusion of the sale, the company gets their commission and you get the percentage you agreed upon and then when it’s all done you receive a check in the mail. 


#6 – Sales are Physically and Mentally Demanding

    Estate sales are physically hard work. They require a lot of moving, lifting and bending; so let someone else take care of those stresses for you.   


You should hire an estate sale company because they know the ins-and-outs of the industry. It’s a company’s full-time job to produce a successful result and the great ones work diligently at perfecting that process. We develop strategic plans for each home because each home is different and should be treated as such. We have marketing strategies, expertise in current market value, background knowledge in interior design to help with staging, and trained staff to run and monitor the home during sales.  We make sure your items and our shoppers get the attention they need. We research city regulations so that your sale isn’t shut down. We accept debit and credit cards which increase sales profits and, most importantly, we are problem solvers and helpers and we love what we do!

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