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Vic and Spade can offer other services for a fee.  This may include packing up and removing the leftover unsold items leaving the home broom clean.  We will charge an additional rate for this service post-sale.  We also offer to take it to a charity or a buy-out person may purchase the remainder of the items.  Most clients prefer this plan, unless they want to go through the unsold items to see if there is anything they would like to keep.


Do I need a sale agreement?

Yes. After we assess the home and you agree that an estate sale is the best choice, an agreement is signed.


Who determines Price?

The Vic and Spade Staff but there may be times when you have an idea of what you want for a particular item.  We will be happy to honor your request but we strongly suggest that you allow us to offer a bid process.  We encourage bids with your permission on items between day one and day two of the sale.


Do you set low prices?

The goal is to find the sweet spot between what a collector is willing to pay for an item which oftentimes is slightly more than a dealer is willing to spend.  This allows us to generate more income for both our clients as as ourselves.  On the flip side as an antique dealer and antique store owner we also are looking for good deals to be able to flip for a profit.  Many dealers will tell you that about 50% of their business is other dealers.  So we don’t want to price the items so high that we price out our dealers.

We try not to set prices too low or unrealistically “high” prices either because we want as much sold as possible. 

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